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Milk 101: nutritional information and effects on health

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Milk is a highly nutritious fluid that forms in the udder of dairy cows, designed to support the newborn calf during the first months of life. A wide variety of food products are made from cow's milk, such…

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Is Jiaogulan the New Ginseng?

What is jiaogulan? Imagine mountains and valleys where an herbal tea has the power to give you almost immortality. For some believers in the power of the Jiaogulan, such a place exists. Jiaogulan is also known as sweet…

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5 impressive health benefits of Acai berries

Acai berries are a Brazilian "superfruit". They are native to the Amazon region, where they are a staple food. However, they have recently gained popularity worldwide and are praised for being particularly beneficial for health and well-being. This…

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