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Vegan vs Vegetarian – What is the difference?

Vegetarian diets have existed since as early as 700 BC There are several types and individuals can practice them for a variety of reasons, including health, ethics, environmentalism and religion. Vegan diets are a bit more recent, but…

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10 signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism

Thyroid disorders are common. In fact, approximately 12% of people will experience abnormal thyroid function at some point in their lives. Women are eight times more likely to develop a thyroid disorder than men. In addition, thyroid problems…

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Scallions vs Green vs. Spring Onions: What is the difference?

Chives, green onions and chives are commonly used in Asian, American and European cuisines. Both the leaves and bulb of these onions are edible and have a mild and mild flavor compared to normal onions. However, they look…

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